A lot of people today have been health conscious and tried to find several ways and means of keeping a healthy and fit body.  One of the alternative ways of keeping a healthy body is by attending and doing Yoga sessions.


But do you know what Yoga is really all about?  What does the word Yoga mean?  Now-a-days, the word Yoga has been associated with a series of meditation with body movements.  However, we have deemed it necessary to go into the history of Yoga.


Definition of Yoga


Yoga has been associated with certain body movements or should we say body posture.  However, if you’re really going to go deep into it, Yoga means “union” or to be “united” in the Indian Sanskrit language.  It has said to be the union of the mind, body, and spirit for Hindi people.


However, Yoga has been referred to today come from the Sanskrit word “asana” which refers likely to the practice of physical postures or poses along with the meditation sessions.  This changing of terms or should we say interchange of terms is what Westerners refer to as Yoga sessions or Yoga classes.


Another misconception of Yoga is that it has been thought of simply stretching.  But then, Yoga is not just stretching your body through the different movements of your body but it is more of creating a balance in the body by developing strength and flexibility.  Developing strength and flexibility is done through the different postures that we create during the actual Yoga session.  These postures have specific health and physical benefits.  These poses or postures are done in succession which generates heat in the body through the different movements.  It also increases stamina and perfects the alignment of the said posture or position.


Different Types of Yoga


You might be thinking that there is just one type of Yoga.  However, on the contrary, there are different types of Yoga that would best suit your needs.  Here are some of the Yoga sessions or classes that can be offered to you in a fitness center or wellness center.


  1. Bikram Yoga
  2. Hatha Yoga
  3. Vinyasa Yoga
  4. Kundalini Yoga
  5. Ashtanga Yoga
  6. Iyengar Yoga
  7. Anusara Yoga
  8. Restorative Yoga
  9. Jivamukti Yoga
  10. Prenatal Yoga


All these types of Yoga sessions or classes have different purposes.  Thus, you would need to consult with the health instructor offering the Yoga class or session what the health benefit is for each type.  There is a particular Yoga session or class for a certain target, i.e. for people who would want to lose weight it is recommended that you take up Bikram Yoga.  Expecting mothers would also need to enroll themselves into Prenatal Yoga as it gives them more of breathing exercises that would be needed during the time of delivering the baby.


Hot Yoga


Do you know that there is one type of Yoga session or class that is known as Hot Yoga?  This is a type of Yoga sessions that is conducted normally on a heated room temperature of about 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Each participant in this Yoga session or class would find themselves perspiring as they follow and do the different postures that are instructed to them by their Yoga trainer.


This type of Yoga sessions is often a flowing type of Yoga where your trainer or teacher gives out a series of what is called a link posture or linked poses.  With the series of linked poses and positions under a room that has a high temperature, your body is surely going to sweat continuously and becomes warm as opposed to the other types of Yoga.


Health Benefits of Hot Yoga


Since we have discussed about Hot Yoga, it is but also good to know the different health benefits if you would like to take part of this particular class or session.  Apparently, there are several different health benefits of Hot Yoga which are discussed in different websites.  Among these health benefits are as follows:

1.     Flexibility.


Hot Yoga is normally done in a room with a temperature of 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit.  It involves a lot of different postures or movement for your body.  However, you would find yourself being able to reach new levels in terms of posture as your body would not feel forced in doing or performing certain poses.  Your body itself will be flexible with the heat that is present in the room.

2.     Strength


With the combined temperature and the natural reaction of your body to it, you would find yourself being able to achieve several positions that you never thought you can achieve.  What’s more, as you continue to go into the other steps, you would find your body developing muscles and becoming stronger than you thought it was.  This also targets your spinal cord which gives you a better and longer life.

3.     Breath


One of the things that you are gaining from Yoga sessions, regardless of the type of Yoga that you’re enrolled into is your breathing.  With Hot Yoga, you learn to breath deeper as opposed to your normal breathing pattern.  We can therefore conclude that Hot Yoga makes your respiratory system better or improves your respiratory system, which includes your lungs.

4.     Good for the Heart


Another benefit of Hot Yoga is that it makes your heart better.  Doing several different postures for Hot Yoga can be compared to running a mile.  The heart becomes better and stronger with every movement and posture that your Yoga instructor asks you to do.

5.     Better Focus


As you go through the different motions and movement in your Hot Yoga session, you would notice that the movements are repetitive.  Thus, in doing the movements repetitively, you would find yourself increasing your focus.  You can focus more on the task, the movements at hand and you’ll see yourself excel and enjoy it more.

6.     Detoxifies the Body


We all know that sweat is a way for our body to excrete the toxins and waste in it.  Hot Yoga is conducted under a room with a temperature of 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Therefore, as you perform the different steps and movements, you would find your body sweating more than you have ever before.

7.     Healing


We all know that Yoga promotes the healing of your body naturally.  Thus, as you continue to repeat the Yoga classes, you can heal old injuries, and prevent them from happening in the future.  Hot Yoga is also known to reduce the symptoms of conditions and illnesses such as: diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, depression, arthritis, and obesity.

8.     Life


You get to have your life back, a better life that is free from any illnesses and disease.


Burn Your Calories with Hot Yoga


If you’re a bit curious and you’re planning to lose weight and enroll yourself into a Hot Yoga class, you might be thinking about the question of how many calories can you burn with Hot Yoga.


Apparently, Yoga experts and those who have been teaching Hot Yoga say that in a 90 minute class or session, you can burn 500-1000 calories.  That’s just like taking a 1 hour jog or run.  However, you should also consider or take into consideration that you should be actively participating in the full and complete session.  Every movement matters especially if you would like to lose weight in your Hot Yoga session.


Right Clothes to Wear for Hot Yoga


So you’re decided that you want to lose weight and enroll yourself into Hot Yoga or you simply might just want to gain from the many benefits that you get in Hot Yoga.  You might now be asking yourself what would be the proper attire if you’re going into a Hot Yoga session.


Well, one thing is for sure, you can’t go into a Hot Yoga session naked.  That’s definitely not an alternative or option.  One of the Hot Yoga experts and trainers would recommend the following clothing for Hot Yoga.


If you’re a woman, a tank top or sports bra would be the best.  You should not be wearing oversized t-shirts as it would interfere with the movements that you’ll be doing during the session.  You should also not be wearing cotton made materials or fabric since cotton is known to absorb sweat.  Once your top clothing absorbs all your sweat, you would feel the heavy weight that it would result to which would hinder you from making the other body movements.  Apparently, the best top clothing for women would be the Lululemon’s Luon or Nike’s Dri-FIT.


For men, you should wear fit shorts made out of wicking fabrics because if you wear shorts that are too lose, then it would or may interfere with your body movements during the whole session.  If you’re going to wear running shorts, you should have compression garments to ensure full coverage.  Anything that looks like more of cycling shorts would do.


Bikram Yoga and Weight Loss


One of the types of Hot Yoga is what has been known as Bikram Yoga.  It is the same as Hot Yoga in such a way as it also uses a room that has a temperature of 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit.  What is the difference?


Apparently, this Yoga has been improvised by Bikram Choudhury which comprises of 26 postures and two pranayama exercises.  The same as with the session of Hot Yoga, Bikram Yoga is performed in a 90-minute session.


If you’re a person who’s trying to lose weight, then you would definitely love it when we tell you that Bikram Yoga can burn you as much as 600 calories once you do Bikram Yoga religiously.  That’s 600 calories, equivalent to running 1 hour and 15 minutes around your neighborhood.  This is just 600 calories that you burn in a 90-minute Bikram Yoga session.


Now, if you’re a person who’s serious about losing weight and wants to find out how you can easily lose weight, then you might want to check out and enroll in a Bikram Yoga session.  600 calories that are burned by your body in a day is not a joke.


Summing things up, as we have discussed, you can see that Yoga has been giving out a lot of health benefits for our body.  It does not only make our body strong, it also makes our body healing naturally, prevents certain types of illnesses and disease.  Moreover, with Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga giving you that room temperature of 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re sure to be on your way of losing weight the natural way.


With Hot Yoga and Bikram Yoga, you get more benefits than just being healthy alone.  So, if you want to enjoy your life, enroll in Bikram Yoga now at your nearest Yoga fitness center.

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